Jetpac® Valve Control Cable

Flexible mechanical means of moving a cable for remote operation of valves on board ships.

Protected by Jetsil® fire retardant covering.

Inner operational cable grade 316 stainless steel and other operational parts either 316 stainless steerl or Naval Bronze to maximise corrosion resistance.

Specific demands like hooded and secure operation for specific emergency situations accommodated.

Mainly designed to work with ball type valves (up to 80 mm bore) or quick closing emergency valves.  Operational loads up to 90 kilos for “pull” only or up to 36/45 kilos for “push-pull” can be considered. 

How the JVCC operates:

When remote operation of valves is via solid rod mechanical devices, fixed to the rigid structures of the vessel,  they require regular maintenance including lubrication which results in added through life costs.  The solid rod systems rely on moving parts ie mitre boxes and links, which are prone to malfunction.  The JVCC aims to eliminate these disadvantages by providing a “fit and forget” practical device which does not require any maintenance.

The remote operation of valves is carried out by a transmitter.  This transmitter is a handle, which is connected to the flexible cable, which in turn moves inside the protective fire covering.  The movement is transmitted to the end of the cable, the receiver.  The cable is fixed to a variety of receiver fixtures suitable to open and close the valve according to type.  The transmission of movement between transmitter and receiver is direct and precise.   The diameter of the cable is 3 mm with a conduit of 9 mm diameter, this is covered by the Jetsil® fire covering which gives a total outside diameter of 33 mm.

Main advantages of the JVCC:

  • the simplicity with which it can be installed allowing on-board personnel to fit the unit both quickly and easily (retained by stainless steel cable ties – similar to electrical installations);
  • high level of reliability and flexibility making it ideal for retrofit projects;
  • its flexibility which gives it the capability to follow most curves and bends;
  • compact size and light weight, and therefore competitively priced;
  • resistance to shocks and vibrations due to its reduced mass and high flexibility;
  • non-magnetic assemblies available if required;
  • corrosion resistant due to materials used including the sealed Jetsil® fire cover which also makes it watertight and due to its sealed construction as an assembly, gives a “fit and forget” maintenance free status.
  • standard bulkhead and deck penetrations (supplied by Oldham Seals Limited or by the client) can be used to achieve water/gas/smoke-tight installations;

All these advantages make for a competitively priced product with high flexibility, ease and speed of installation, and a “fit and forget” status.

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