Failure/Damage Repair

UK MOD (N) type approval underwrites the fact that the Jetpac® product had been proven not to fail when subjected to the test requirements. Therefore the “fit and forget” philosophy pervades. Based on this the UK MOD (N) does not have an issue with failure/damage repair with our product. Indeed, to our knowledge, there has never been a failure in operation of an Oldham Seals Jetpac® product.

Land based or ship based sparing of replacement hoses is a matter of in-service logistical organisation that the UK MOD (N) applies based on certain factors – such as size of ship, and criticality of application. More information on this is contained in Def STAN 02-345.

This product confidence has been established and built up during more than 40 years of supply of Jetpac® product by Oldham Seals to the UK MOD (N).