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Our engineers are able to conduct varying levels of on-board surveys to establish base line information that can be used to ascertain material state and used as a benchmark for future surveys and re-categorisation.

This service-critical data is stored and accessed through our Jetrac system. Jetrac is a web accessible database ensuring an accurate and up-to-date record of all Flexible Hose Assemblies.

The prime contractor and/or ships staff are able to access Jetrac to update the ship’s flexible hose register and comment on the material condition of each hose application. We are able to act as a first tier supplier, sourcing (or taking delivery from other manufacturers) and externally Jetrac RFID microchip tagging other manufacturers hoses to enable their entry onto the Jetrac database.

Other benefits of Jetrac include:

  • Rectification of data inconsistencies that often cause confusion and a delay in the accurate communication of vital hose and/ or system data.
  • Significant labour savings during surveying of Jetrac RFID enabled hoses in comparison to manual procedures.
  • Future hose survey durations are significantly reduced by Jetrac’s streamlined and accountable system.
  • 100% accurate asset identification and location
  • 100% reduction in concessions due to a hose expiring before the replacement hose is ordered.
  • Accurate forecasting of hose replacement.
  • Hoses are supplied on a just-in-time basis enabling significantly shorter lead times on Jetrac RFID enabled hoses.
  • 100% reduction in over ordering or in the ordering of unnecessary items.

Oldham Seals also provide standard recategorisation surveys and bespoke surveys to suit our customer’s requirements using traditional methods of reporting.

The benefits of hose management

Having a Hose Integrity Management system in place will benefit hugely from a safety and cost saving aspect.

It will allow:

  • Maintaining a register of hoses (Asset Management).
  • Monitoring the life of each hose. Each hose criticality analysed and risk assessed.
  • Maintain a record of all testing and inspections of each hose.
  • Safety aspect with regards to Personnel, Environment and Production.
  • Early identification of damaged assemblies (reduced equipment downtime).
  • Recommendations to prevent premature failure ie routing, hose type, additional protection etc.
  • Accurate annotation of every specification of hose on the ship or submarine
  • Provides accurate details and dates of all hoses allowing planning ahead for all maintenance and upcoming refit packages.
  • Allows to spot trends ie. regular failures and stock accountability.
  • All hoses are category managed and can be clearly broken down to show accurate numbers

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